Monday, February 1, 2016

Today's embroidery accomplishments

Today was another embroidery day. i haven't touched the longarm in over 2 weeks.  i really need to get back to that quilt....but embroidery is fun...quicker...instant gratification. haha

today i made Washington from the 50 States embroidery CD.  this one is oriented horizontally. it kind of threw me for a loop at first. i was looking at it and thinking...what is wrong with this.  answer...nothing...operator error. haha

A couple close ups

Washington has some cool places

So, then i had to make a larger cities block, too, so it would fit under the state block.  will be interesting to get this thing all together when i am finished with it.

And i did another block from the Primitive Christmas CD....a reindeer. it looks like he has springs for legs. haha

Perhaps i shall quilt tomorrow........or not. LOL

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