Sunday, January 31, 2016

MQR Sunbonnet Sues

Here is my last piecing project for January 2016.  I started 10 new piecing projects in January....but some of them are finished. that means already 10 new UFOs for the year. hahahahahahaha   but 6 of those are embroidery projects.   job security for the rest of my life.

These Sunbonnet Sue blocks were given to me by a MQR (Machine Quilters Resource) member, an online quilting forum that i am a member of.


There were 15 blocks. so i decided to set 4x4 and figure out the 16th block at the end.  I used almost all of the purple 'stripe' fabric that i had for sashings and border.

blocks 1.jpg

These were made by different individuals....with varying degrees of talent.

blocks 2.jpg

I like that they go in different directions.

blocks 3.jpg

I had an embroidery SS design that looked like it matched pretty well, so that was the 16th block. i used the border/sashing fabric for her dress to tie it all in.

blocks 4.jpg

Here's a close up of block 16


It came out to be 42x52"...i rather like this.  thanks for gifting the blocks to me.....i hope you like the result. 

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