Friday, January 29, 2016

Primitive Christmas

Here is the last embroidery CD that i purchased last weekend .... called Primitive Christmas.  it has the cutest blocks. I had a piece of fabric that i wanted to use for the background, but didn't have enough of it, so i am using it for the applique....on the sheep, snowman, reindeer, rocking horse, and anywhere else i can. i did find another piece for the backgrounds....i think it is a linen...a soft gray...that will work.

Block #1 is the sheep. my applique fabric looks just right for her. and i like how it puts the buttonhole stitch around the applique pieces. although not all of them are buttonhole....some are other decorative stitches.

Block #4 is the snowman. you can't see it much, but there is a stipple stitch on the background....and stars. you could put a piece of batting under the fabric block  and have a sort of trapunto effect with the applique. 

I might have to do all of these first. i like them....a lot. my sis wants them when i am finished. i don't know. i am making the blocks 6". there are several sizes.

I'm a sucker for embrodiery CDs. even though i have dozens that i have not used yet.....i bought these 6 new ones last weekend. i need a 12 step program. hahahahaha

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