Friday, January 15, 2016

Famous Buildings of the World

On a recent trip to JoAnn's i found this book.  i like paper piecing and I like these types of series of things. i was hooked. haha  what's another new project...right? these are 7" blocks


Eiffel Tower...Champ de Mars, Paris, France

Eiffel Tower.jpg

Great Pyramid of Giza...Giza, Egypt

Great Pyramid of Giza.jpg

Hallgrimskirkja...Reykjavik, Iceland ....  never heard of this one


John Hancock Center .... Chicago, Illinois   this one has a wrong colored piece in it.  it is staying there.

John Hancock Center.jpg

Pantheon .... Rome, Italy    when i was a kid this was called the that just another spelling?  or am i remembering it wrong? or we all pronounced it erroneously? who knows.


Sears (Willis) Tower  ....  Chicago, Illinois

Sears (Willis) Tower.jpg

Tokyo Tower ... Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Tower.jpg

Transamerica Pyramid ... San Francisco, California

Transamerica Pyramid.jpg

Washington Monument ... Washington, DC

Washington Monument.jpg far i have done 9 of these....and that took me the better part of a week. LOL   there are 50 in all. i might be done by 2018.  i started with the simplest ones....and i can tell you that i have not done even one of them yet without taking pieces apart and starting over. one of them has an error ... wrong color fabric....but i didn't see it until it was finished, so i didn't take it out. these are HARD. haha  it will be my winter project. every. night....until they are finished...or i am finished.  pray for me. hahahahaha

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