Thursday, January 14, 2016

Nursery Rhymes I

This one marinated almost 3 years....pieced on March 1, 2013.  blocks are appliqued with embroidery machine.

It's 48 x 70"  It has a bit of weight to it. the top is all flannel, except for the applique. and the 'batting' is a mattress pad thing.


Three men in a tub

3 men in a tub.jpg

Jack and Jill

jack and jill.jpg

Old king cole

old king cole.jpg

The cat and the fiddle

cat and fiddle.jpg

The cow jumped over the moon

cow over moon.jpg

The dish ran away with the spoon

dish and spoon.jpg

Mistress Mary, quite contrary

mistress mary.jpg

Row, row your boat

row, row your boat.jpg



Jack be nimble

jack be nimble.jpg

Hickory dickory dock

hickory dickory dock.jpg

Peter, peter pumpkin eater

peter, peter pumpkin eater.jpg

The back is a muslin. quilted with Baptist Fan boards from Quiltazoid


Top thread is a Glide Chestnut, bobbin is So Fine #457...and the binding is a stripe from the stash

thread and binding.jpg

Next up is one for my sister, so i might not get any more of mine done this month. i only have 3 so far....maybe i can squeeze in another one. but when i get my sister's done, i will go up there and deliver it and stay for a couple days to visit with the kids..... and all those dogs.  haha

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