Friday, January 29, 2016

Let's embroider a 50 states quilt

This one might take a while....i have one state finished. LOL

I fell in love with this 50 States embroidery CD when it came out last year. only 1 problem....the price was $500....yep, you read that correctly....$500.  I was way.....but, i actually thought about it for about a, can't spend that much.

Wellllll, last weekend when i visited my sister, we stopped at Jackman's Fabrics and they were having one of their famous embroidery parties.....i've been to 2 of them. they are a lot of fun....but you do tend to spend some money there. oh, LOOK....the 50 states embroidery CD is on price....$150.  I snatched that baby up so fast.....if it had been the last one, i would have fought some little old lady for it if i had to. haha

There is a book that comes with it to explain everything and show individual pics.

I am doing the main state this.

you can also just use the state outline for applique....make a block with the cities on it...

Just do the state bird....and it shows you how to put parts and pieces together for a whole different block. there are several different transitional blocks, too....see the stars below.

There are several sizes. i used size C...8.8" high x 5.8" wide.  there are 2 sizes larger than this and 1 size smaller. I did the city block, too, and attached it to the bottom of the state block. this is how i will do all of them.

Here are closeups of my Texas block. my plan is to use the same fabric for the background in the state name banner and the background of the cities.

They use a different brand of thread than i do, so sometimes i have to give it my best guess as to color. i need a conversion chart.

I like the idea of the cities block a lot. i am happy they are the same width as the state blocks so they go together easily.

Don't know when they will all get finished.....but i hope to work on them sporadically until they are all done. very happy i stopped at Jackman's on Sunday. 

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