Tuesday, January 26, 2016

New embroidery CDs

While at my sister's this weekend, we had to stop at Jackman's Fabrics for a backing for her quilt. the parking lot was packed to the max.....they had an embroidery class going on.  oh,oh.....trouble...haha!!

I love Anita Goodesign's embroidery CDs.  because of the show, they had some awesome prices....some half price....some buy 2,. get 1 free.....some deeply discounted.  i came home with 6 new CDs.  and although that was more than i needed...... i easily could have bought 2 or 3 times that many. they have so many new cool things.

So, today at the studio i decided to make 1 design out of each CD and see how they turned out. you know that will be 6 new UFOs...right?  hahahaha  i got 2 of them finished today. i put all the background pieces, in a box along with notes and the CD so when i pick it up again i'll remember what i did.

The first one i did is called Landscape Christmas.  There are 5 different sizes of blocks ...9.5x14... 8x12... .6.8x10.2 ......5.8x8.8 .....and 4.8x7.2.    i am using the middle one...5.8x8.8".  there are 12 blocks in the set. and there are 6 other blocks in every size to use as sashing and cornerstones. 

These blocks even put a little border around them...but you wouldn't have to do that if you didn't want to. and the instructions were to make it a 'quilted' block...with the batting in it.....but i didn't do that part either. 

It is applique.....several pieces across for the background and then the scene embroidered on top. my snowman is made with faux leather. 

The second CD that i tried is called Primitive Snowmen.  There are 10 blocks....in 4 sizes...7.8" square....6.8" square.... 5.8" square.... and 4.8" square.  i used the 5.8" one

This is block #1. the snowman is appliqued...i used 2 layers of feedsack...and will use the same on all the snowmen in all the blocks. his hat is applique also. all the snowflakes in the background will be the dark blue. it is hard to see, but there is a squiggle design sewn on the background....i used white for that....you could skip that part if you wanted to. i like that it puts lines around the block, so you don't have to worry about centering the design when you trim. the lines are a perfect square so you just seam them together on the line.

Tomorrow i hope to try 2 more of the new CDs and show you what i made.  stay tuned.

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