Wednesday, January 27, 2016

More new embroidery CDs

While i am having a great time trying out the new embroidery CDs.....all i am actually doing is creating more UFOs.  hahahaha   but it can't be helped....they are so cute.

This one might be my favorite....Shop Hop Quilt.   a little town of houses for sewing, quilting, knitting, embroidery, fabric, etc.  adorable. here is the CD....27 different blocks. i hate when they make an unusual number of blocks. messes with setting issues. why not just 25......or 30?  sigh!!

A little better pic of a few of them

And their new thing now....sashing and border blocks.....what a great idea.

I made block #1....a sewing machine house.  LOL    isn't it precious?  i am making the 5.8" blocks. they all have applique sky and ground. plus this one has an applique house, door and tree.   the little swing is just cute. as you can see, i use old fabrics that i no longer want for the base.

These all might get finished first....i really like them. 

The other one that i tried was Christmas Town. There are 25 blocks...houses, animals, Santa and Mrs. Claus. all will have the same sky and snow....and gold stars in the sky.they are applique, also.

Here are some of the blocks.

This one also has sashing and border blocks. that little fence is just right for the house blocks. 

I did block #21, the smallest one.  The house was applique, too. 

I really like Christmas blocks....and snowman blocks. but i don't decorate for Christmas. is that weird?  haha

Tomorrow i have the last 2 sets to try out. 

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