Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Carol's Doodles....re-do

I decided to do a little coloring on this top and see if it looked better. i found these markers at JoAnn's. They are called Spectrum Noir....there are 6 shades of blue in this pack. they have a dozen different packs with different colors. the package sounded good...double ended... blendable ....refillable .... professional alcohol markers. works on paper, fabric, glass, wood, metal, ceramic...permanent. fast drying...non-toxic...acid free.  the only thing it doesn't tell you.....they bleed.  sigh!!

The ink seems to come out easily..very easily.  if you color too close to the line....the color bleeds over. i soon learned to color less....but still had issues. so, they did the job but would i get more...probably not. 

What do you think?  better with a little color?   should i color more?  

There are 6 shades of blue and i used a little of each in each block.

I think it blends better with the sashing with the blue color.

A lot of the designs still had the paper behind it...you just can't get it all off behind those tiny spaces. i don't really know if that contributed to the bleeding or not. my guess would be no..but who knows.

I think i like the coloring better than without.

But should i color more....or would that be too much?

I always have to look twice at this block...and laugh. for some reason, the design on the right looks like a chicken to me...the scissors 'beak'....the flower top knot. ..  feathers.  haha   good imagination

So, give me your thoughts....better?  you don't care?    i should color all of it?   leave it alone now.

Here it is before coloring.

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