Monday, January 11, 2016

Plant Your Garden

This little top came to be because i could not throw away the leftovers. i had about a half yard of fabric with cute little garden pictures. so i cut them out and put some selvages around them. i made 30 blocks

Some garden green for the border. i now put the sashings on as i make the blocks. i find it easier than trying to match up blocks with a sashing that goes all the way across the quilt.

I used yellow, green, red and brown selvages. sewn down with a gray thread

Basket of berries. i like the fuzzy selvages

Bee hive


The garden keeper....i guess that is me. haha  wonder where i can get some wings

My favorite pic...Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade....plant your garden. 

Tending the garden....takes lots of water

And there were tiny butterflies and little bitty pics, too. i managed to save a few of them

It is 36x44" to the next project

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