Sunday, January 3, 2016

I have a porch at the Duck

After years of those treacherous front steps....i finally have a porch. So much safer and easier to get in the front door....not that i use that entry. haha

I contracted this guy, Mark, .... JustMarkIt.....back in September. he said it would be a couple weeks until he got to it. problem. 6...8....10 weeks i wrote him off.  imagine my surprise when i got an invoice a couple weeks ago. so, finally, on Christmas Eve i got to go to the Duck and check out my porch....and i am in love with it.

He did exactly what i wanted. it is very sturdy and nicely made. and look....fancy slats in the railing. i asked him to do something unusual and this is what he did. i like those a lot.

He recently acquired a lumber yard in a little town not far from Centralia....Hoyleton.  i'm going to have to go visit that town one day. Mark came highly recommended and i was a little disappointed when i didn't get my porch in a couple weeks....but the wait was worth it. he told me to wait a year before the wood would dry out. so, next fall i can pretty it up a bit with some stain. 

I am going to close up the bottom with some fence boards. we just left the old concrete steps under reason to take them out, but i will close it up so i don't have to see them. Mark took off the top couple rounds of concrete, so i will just toss them back on the steps under there and cover it all up.

For now...i love my porch.

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