Sunday, January 10, 2016


This little bug quilt was pieced on April 13, 2015.  i pulled it out of order to do today because of the 'batting' i wanted to use.  it was the right size. when i moved my son up here, he had a bunch of furniture pads. these were not the nice quilted ones but a cheaper version..not quilted. they seem to be .... maybe felt? .... maybe wool (doubt that). anyway, i put one through the washer and dryer and it worked out just fine. so, that is what is in this quilt....a furniture moving pad. LOL it does make the quilt a little heavy. but i have several more of them, so they will all be used. save my batting money.

furn pad - batting.jpg

Blocks are machine embroidery


And i had this wild fish fabric for the border. fish and bugs just seemed to go together.

fish fabric border.jpg

The bugs are just too darn cute



The background for the bugs is an olive stripe









The backing came from my stash and used the last of that fabric, except for maybe a 12" square that went in the scrap box.


Quilting was boards from Quiltazoid

back 2.jpg

Came out to be 46x58".  Top thread was Key Lime Glide; bobbin was a bright green


This will be a donation....somewhere.  i had it just a bit wonky on the frame and didn't notice until i had gone so far that i didn't want to it is what it is. and the last row got a bit too much space from the row before it....wasn't paying attention....and, once again, wasn't frogging.  i am a very casual quilter these days. LOL    but, when i pull out a special one to quilt i will do a better job. now....done is good.  only about 95 to go. LOL

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