Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Small progress...

In spite of freezing temperatures here...i have still been going over to the studio for a few hours in the morning .... until the furnace decides to quit for the day. lately it has not warmed the studio above 50 degrees.  and that is too cold for the longarm wants at least 60 before it will function without sounding like a sick old man. LOL

Today i made another block for the Shop Hop quilt

The yarn shop ... wouldn't that be a cool building to visit?  how would you use your walls if they were rounded.

This little thimble building is named Needle Works.    love that little pincushion outside.

I've also been piecing some 10 inch red selvage blocks.  i have about 50 of them so far. i am going to keep going until that selvage box is empty. probably be able to make at least 20 more. then i'll just have smaller pieces left. 

I'm off to the Duck tomorrow. have 3 pieces of graffiti to hang in the hall. i'll show you pics when i get back next week. and i am taking my sewing machine with me....never know when you might get snowed in. haha   my project to take with me are more selvage blocks. this time 6" and purple....not together. those were the 2 boxes that had the least amount of selvages so i figured i might be able to finish those off while i am gone.

Have a good weekend.....stay warm and safe.

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