Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Embroidery AND quilting

Today i actually quilted...hahaha.  i figured out why the quilt has been loaded on the frame for the past 2 weeks and i haven't touched it. i decided i didn't like the panto that i had chosen, so after switching that out....i quilted 2 rows. 

i am using a new panto called Echoed Swirls.....designed by Jo Ann Gruber.  it is very cool and i like it a lot....but it is pretty dense and i used more than 1 bobbin to go across the quilt. my bobbin lasted about 50"....and my quilt is a bit over 70".  i dislike having to watch so i don't run out of thread in the middle. i made a notation on the panto, so it might only get used on quilts that are less than 50" wide.  i know....i'm just lazy. haha

This is the quilt i am using it on. it was a kit i bought some time back called Twelve Friends Go West. it is all batiks.  i THINK i added the horse fabric in with it. this was pieced a couple years ago but is finally getting finished. 

And you know i had to embroidery a few blocks from the Primitive Christmas CD.  i made 3 of them today.

The christmas tree with stars. i love the little purple hanging ornaments.

And little birdie. his legs just crack me up

And a duck...this took forever...EVERYTHING was applique. haha

But i believe i only have 4 more blocks to do for this embroidery project. i hope to do Missouri tomorrow from the 50 states CD.  well, maybe not, i am going to town to check out thrift stores....and probably eat lunch at Subway. haha   it's a 'get out of the house' day.


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