Monday, February 29, 2016

Catch-up on Embroidery blocks

I've been doing a little of this and that...quilting.... graffiti .... and embroidery blocks. 

Halloween Town

5 .... Vampire

6 ... Tombstone #1

7 ... Witch #2

8 ... Crow 

9 ... Bride of  Frankenstein

10 ... Skeleton

11 ... Tombstone #2

These take so long to stitch out...and use so much thread....i might have to keep this one for myself and decide to like Halloween decorations. haha

And I've finished a few more from the CD 50 Famous Buildings of the World.

#23 ... The Beehive Building, Wellington, New Zealand

This building is actually the executive wing of the New Zealand Parliament Building and houses the prime minister's offices as well as offices of cabinet ministers. It is 10 stories high with 4 additional floors below ground. The roof is constructed from 20 tons of copper.

#29 ... The Capitol Building, Washington, DC
A 5 level building, the ground floor contains congressional offices. The Rotunda, a circular space that displays American art, is under the dome in the center of the building. 

#43 ... Burj Al Arab .... Jumeira 3, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The Tower of the Arabs is a luxury hotel located on the same island as the Jumeirah Beach Hotel, building #32. It is the 4th tallest hotel in the world, but there are only 202 bedroom suites; the smallest suite is 1,820 square feet, while the largest covers 8,400 square feet.

So, far, i have done these as 7" blocks. i have 30 of them finished. some of the spaces are so tiny as to be almost non-existent.  so, i have decided to do the last 20 as 8" blocks....and am hoping for a break in piecing those tiny spots. 

In designing the quilt, the smaller blocks will go in the middle, with the larger ones around the edges. i think it will work out fine.i will embroider the names of the buildings and their locations, also. 

I will be happy to be done with all these....but it is still a few weeks away from that accomplishment. 

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