Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Kitchen Island for the Duck ... made by my son

My son has been working on this for a few months now. I finally got it. I gave him some measurements but told him he could go a couple inches either way....it went a couple inches more on EVERY way. haha  I told him to make it funky and i liked color. once he had the basic box done, i never saw it again. when i would ask about it....he said you don't tell the artist how to paint the mona lisa.

It is a one of a kind and i guarantee you will never see another. it is 52" wide; 28" deep; 40" high 


There are rakes at the bottom of the doors because he says people usually close floor cabinets with their foot. 

rake bottom.jpg

The handles on the doors are deer antlers...held on by pieces of rebar.

antler handles.jpg

antlers rebar.jpg

Here it is open. inside the doors are painted green...funky

front open.jpg

There is a lazy suzan in there....made with different types and colors of wood.  the top shelf is painted purple....i told him to make it funky.

lazy susan.jpg

The bottom shelf pulls out

pull out shelf.jpg

There is a basket in the pull out shelf....held down with old fashioned can openers.

pull out shelf basket.jpg

The top is made of slabs of redwood that i got for him to make this.


The corners are copper...that he fashioned

top corner.jpg

And he calls these butterflies...that holds the wood together

top butterfly.jpg

I love that he used the piece with the cool knot in it

top knots.jpg

I wanted a couple shelves on the side for cookbooks...check...has funky red metal holding them up. i love that he left the metal unpainted and just as it was. he says the metal pieces were from an old horse and buggy wagon

cook books side.jpg

I requested spice racks for the other side...check....very fancy. the handles are from silverware...both sides have handles

spice rack side.jpg

He cut out all the decorations freehand; his wife designed them. There is red metal around them, with large springs...he said those are just for fun. but you could put your foot on the rack on the bottom to help push it if you wanted to. that baby is heavy.

spice racks.jpg

And he had to put his name on one of them. haha   i told him i thought artists usually signed things down in a corner....smallish.  he just laughed


There is a towel rack on the back. you unscrew one side and slide on your towels. there is also room for a dish towel to hang.

towel rack.jpg

The ends of the towel racks have little horseshoes....and fancy knobs with Texas stars.

towel rack ends.jpg

The bottom has red locking wheels. This was so awesome, when i saw it i cried. he took a video...i hope that does not wind up on facebook. hahaha

I am loving my kitchen island.....that boy can do funky, can't he?

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MaryAnn said...

That is WAY too cool!!!

Borderline Quilter said...

Shirley, this is fantastic, what a wonderful surprise for you, this is the first time I've been to your blog in ages, its all absolutely fabulous!
Tell me what is the spring on that last photo for?
Best Wishes Kay Bell
Borderline Quilter
Kay in Scotland

shirley said...

Kay....I asked him that, too. he says it is just 'because'. haha

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