Sunday, November 13, 2016

Meet Breeze

We have a new member of the family. her name is Breeze....or Breezy....or Miss Breeze.  She usually doesn't come when you call her, so it really doesn't matter. hahahahah   those polka dots on her ears and nose are what got me....had to have her.

B in crate.jpg

She was rescued from the Camp Chaos Puppy Rescue. isn't that the most hilarious name. She is a yellow lab...3 years trained...crate trained....micro chipped....current on shots. 

B and J.jpg

She is a bit skittish...jumps at loud noises. she is confused about the heating vents...when the furnace kicks on and she is near one, she goes over to investigate what that noise is.

B side view.jpg

She is afraid of cows..haha   she was a city dog previously.  she has been in several foster homes, the latest almost a year before they brought her back....because she didn't like their little yappy dog. i don't blame her there. 

She is really laid back and mellow. there is no face licking or jumping....but i have gotten some tail wagging. you can't get her on a piece of a couch or chair.  i think she will fit in just fine. she is a bit chunky and has to lose some weight. so, she is on a walking plan...which means i am also on a walking plan. haha

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MaryAnn said...

She is soooo sweet!! I love her coloring!

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