Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Leather Giraffe #itsbetterinleather

I keep quilting leather animals and can't decide which is my favorite....right now it is this giraffe. haha

The pattern.... it was in 3 pieces...3 pages...

pattern top.jpg

pattern bottom.jpg

came from Fur, Fin and Feathers by Georgia Feazle, Vol III, 1978  Picture in book was this...


Here it is quilted. it is 15.5" x 26.5" It is on a piece of cow hide


quilted close 1.jpg

quilted close 2.jpg

Found out you can not use leather dyes on black doesn't show up. so, i searched the cabinet and tried different markers and colored pencils and decided i liked these crayons the best.


Here it is all painted and finished.


front top.jpg

front bottom.jpg

And the back. I shamelessly used up all bobbins that had thread in them from previous projects. haha  Backing was piece from the stash


I used several different threads


I might need a little leather break for a bit until I decide which animal I want to tackle next. I have a request from a friend for a wolf or a frog and don't have a pattern for either. 

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