Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Leather Butterflies #itsbetterinleather

This is a 'what if' story. 

What else can I do with leather.....hhhmmmm....

WHAT IF I embroider some flower blocks

emb flower 1.jpg

Then...WHAT IF i added some embroidered butterflies to the flowers

emb butterfly.jpg

emb butterfly 2.jpg

Then...WHAT IF I tried to cut out leather pieces with the AccuCut machine.....   cut out leather butterflies....and add them to the flower blocks....THEN....WHAT IF I embroidered over the leather butterflies.






THEN.....I made this


It's not quilted yet.....but I love that all my WHAT IFs worked out.  

I am happy I checked out Cathy Wiggins and her leather work.  

Wonder what I'll do next?    BTW, I'm almost finished with the leather giraffe. hahahaha

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