Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Next graffiti project at the Duck

The only major room that doesn't have graffiti at the Duck is the main bedroom....and we can't have that, can we?  Since I still had boxes of graffiti pieces left, I gave some thought as to what to do with them. I finally decided on a 'color block' theme.  I purchased lot of wooden frames of various sizes. I will hang them on the top 4 feet of 3 walls. Some will hang vertical, some horizontal....all pretty close together. I have 19 frames finished so far....all frames will be painted black.  It might be spring by the time they all get hung, since i have to finish the walls first...and paint.  but that's ok....in the meantime I'll just keep gluing and painting frames. hahahaha


The pieces hanging on the frames in the plastic bags are the pieces that will cover the screws once i get them on the wall. an innovation i just came up with

blue 1.jpg

blue purple red.jpg

green 1.jpg

green 2.jpg

green blue.jpg

orange 1.jpg

orange 2.jpg

purple 1.jpg

red 1.jpg

red 2.jpg

yellow 1.jpg

Need something graffiti'd in your house?  hahaha

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