Monday, November 28, 2016

This is what happens....

....when you watch a Jamie Wallen video. hahahaha   this border is going to have leaves. but now, since i just HAD to try it out.....2 corners will have a bit of something from Jamie. haha   

Jamie had a 6" border and mine is only 4", so the effect is a bit different since my largest circles pretty much take up the whole space. but the idea is the same and i'm lovin' it.  

Thank you, Jamie.   i am now off to jamie's site to order the proper templates for the circles and ovals. his are much easier to use than mine.

border corner.jpg

border corner 2.jpg

border corner 3.jpg

border corner 4.jpg


Vicki W said...

I love it!

Valerie said...

I tried that on a section of a quilt too. I would have winged it but I saw his video the day before it was going to be marked and that aha moment! Worked beautifully as does your border. I just may have to try on a border soon too. If I ever get in one I can mark on! I love yours

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