Sunday, December 1, 2013

Album of Memories is quilted and i love it

This baby took forever to piece and an intense 5 days to quilt. i love how it turned out.

Here is the pattern. It's a Robert Callaham design that i found in an old McCalls Quilting magazine. either 2004 or 2005, i forget.

It is 82" square. i quilted it quite densely and used 14 bobbins of thread.

A closer look at the middle. that is wool applique.

Isn't it yummy?  i had to do all those pebbles in 2 days. my fingers were hurting.

Hundreds of little rail fence blocks make up the corners of the middle and corners of the quilt and the last border. that was a LOT of cutting of little pieces.

Freehand feathery flower thing in the final rail fence border and feathers in the inner border.

And here are the lovely blocks. i did a fusible applique....but, as i was assembling the blocks, some of the fusible parts weren't sticking any more. SOOOOO, i went back and hand stitched all the little loose parts down. just did a running stitch around leaves and such. tiny round berries got an 'x' on them or a French Knot embroidered. just enough to keep them in place. when i quilted it, then i quilted everything down.

This is Apple Glory

Beth's Bountiful Bouquet

Cockleburr Star....this one was hard on me. all those Y seams are difficult.

Country sunshine...another toughy.

Feather Dash

Floral Essence

Hamstel Street Memories. I am guessing that is the name of the street he lived on. 

Oak Laurel

Robert's Album

Shattered Star...the easiest block in the bunch.

Sweetheart Wreath

Thankful. it was fun coming up with different background fills for all the blocks. 

The back is a yellow/gold floral print.

I used So Fine yellow for the bobbin. and Glide Bark...sort of coppery....for the top.

I will be keeping this least for a while. i like it. but everything is for eventually it will find its way to someone else's house to live.

I'm in the quilting mood let's see what else i can quilt up.

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Vicki W said...

I remember seeing that quilt in the magazine. It's beautiful!

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