Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back to Square One top is finished

This was a mystery quilt....designed by Judy Laquidara from www.patchworktimes.com    Vicki Welsh donated prize packages for folks who played along all year. Vicki dyes awesome fabrics and sells them on Etsy.  www.vickiwelsh.typepad.com    

I have my top all finished and ready to be quilted. i had to deviate from colors in the final 2 borders  because of amounts of fabrics that i had. but it still worked out ok.

It was basically a medallion in the middle

And 8 borders.

I think this might get quilted up pretty soon. 

I am going to bind it with the dark green. 

Thanks Judy for a great project for 2013 and thanks to Vicki for sponsoring. i did win one of the prizes.

A new mystery quilt will be started on January 1st and be our project for 2014.  I'm trying to wind up a few projects i have going now so i won't be too stressed to start yet another project with Judy and Vicki. but who can resist......those two come up with the best quilts. and Vicki is selling a kit of her hand dyed fabrics to make next years quilt, too. 

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