Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Working at the Duck

Last Tuesday I went out to the Duck to see what I could do while the weather was still halfway decent.

I finished putting up barn wood boards in the dining room that i had sanded. This is the 3rd wall

Once i got over the doorway....it got harder. it was tough trying to hold that board up there and screwing it down at the same time....and working from the tall ladder. it was getting frustrating...so i gave up on that section.

I went down to the corner and started my way up. that is much easier. you can just set the board on the previous one. and once i get to the top and go to the right....i will meet up over the doorway where i gave up.  the blue door is going outside to the back porch. that is the 4th wall of the dining room. i am getting there. slowly....but getting there.  now i have to sand more boards.

Since i have drywall up on the walls....i re-hung the inside doors. i kind of forgot what kind of shape they were in. i got a couple of heaters and my idea was that if i closed off rooms then i could put a heater in there and work.

These doors go into the second bedroom. i had to tape paper up because all those spaces have no glass in them. kind of hard to heat up a room with huge holes in the doors. lots of paint to be sanded and re-finished. i have to figure if i want to replace the missing glass with the wavy old glass or re-do all of them with new. i think i might leave the old stuff if i can find more to match.

These doors go to the back dressing area from the master bedroom. major glass missing there, too. i don't know what these people did that lived here....doors are a mess.

And these doors come from the master bedroom to a foyer on the front. the doors were simple enough to hang back....just drop in the hinge pins.

This door goes to the office. unfortunately, i couldn't hang this door back up. it had hinges that required screws and the doorway was damaged in demolition. so, i will have to re-do the doorway before hanging this door. but i just set it up there to keep the heat in the space i was working in. those orange walls are the barn wood in the dining room.

When i got tired of doors and barn wood.....i put up the last 24 electric plug covers. that is a sit down job.

I did score 2 more lamps for the bedroom at the local auction a couple weeks ago. i looked for shades at the thrift store but couldn't find 2 that matched that would fit. so, i broke down and bought them retail. i found some i really liked. 

I also scored this wooden box at the auction, too. i had to fight a lady for it, though. it looks like a woven basket but is wood. pretty cool.

Plan A was to leave the Duck before the snow dropped in and get back home. but the ice and sleet came quickly and foiled that plan. then we got several inches of snow over the ice. i don't have 4 wheel drive and my truck refuses to travel on snow, ice and any kind of inclement weather. i think it is hexed.

So, my truck stayed in Centralia for a couple days. i went back to my sister's with her and hung out at her house. then we came back on Monday after a bit of ice and snow melted and i was able to get out and get home. 

The snow really drifted in the back yard at the Beast...my sis's place. that tree has a hollow spot in the bottom. there are tracks going over to the hole but i didn't look to see if there was anything in there. my luck, it would be a skunk. LOL

All in all, it was a fun few days. i don't know if i will get over there again before spring. unless we get several days of 50ish degree weather so i could work without freezing. this ice and snow mess came really early for us this year. once i got back to the farm....it snowed another inch or so. i think we got 8 or 9 inches at the farm. snow sucks.

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