Monday, December 30, 2013

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This is a hand applique quilt....wool felt on a flannel background. i believe i started it in 2012 and worked on it about a year. finally got it quilted up. 

Here is the center part. I stitched all around the applique.  

Some pebbles in the middle parts

And a flowery, feathery thing around the outside.

Part of the top block after stitching around all the applique i then did an echo around everything. the sashings got l's and e's. the border around the center got 8's....kind of wobbly 8's. the border got curvy piano keys....every other pink line.

Here are all the individual blocks. I missed getting a pic of the back. the binding that you see here is the same as the back.....a light mint green floral cotton....not flannel.

When there are 2 and 3 layers of flower parts on top of each other....the close handles of the longarm got stuck on them. a bit thick.

I believe this is the quilt that i originally bought all this wool for.....i think. most of the birds have blue top knots. there are 2 or 3 pair that are yellow. i got creative with these bunches of grapes. i was NOT going to sew each individual i made the whole bunch and sewed around each works for me.

It was a lot of fun figuring out what colors to choose. this bird is the grandmother bird....gray feathers. LOL

I switched out the shades of purples for the birds.

There were a LOT of little pieces....and hundreds of leaves. 

I didn't notice until i quilted this that these birds don't have the top knot. i really don't know if the pattern was that way or i simply forget to make them. funny how you don't notice things until you are quilting it...or have a picture of it.

The flannel was really easy to stitch on. 

This pattern called for the pieces to sit next to each other....rather than overlap. i did them that way but it was harder to keep them in place. i think if i did another pattern like this i would make them a tad larger and overlap things.

Lime green Glide thread on the top and pale yellow Bottom Line in the bobbin. 

This is just the start of many tops in the to-be-quilted cabinet that will be finished in 2014.

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