Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Garden Gatherings

I have yet another hand applique project going. it is called Garden Gatherings by Lisa Bongean. There are 12 different flowers set in an oval setting. she shows several settings in her book. not sure how i will ultimately set them....we'll see.

I am using brown and blue fabrics and brown and blue wool felt. another 'let's use up that wool' project. hahahaha   i keep trying...don't I?

Block 1 is Wild Sunflowers and Bittersweet

Block 2 is Gaillardia and Berries

Block 3 is Clematis

You cut a background piece of fabric....then sew the oval down to that....then sew the pointy piece over the oval. that is the tricky part. it involved lots and lots of pins. hahaha

Can't guarantee what all those flowers will look like as i am only using the shades of blue and browns that i have. it might get interesting by about block 10. hahahaha   we'll see.

For someone who always said that they were not doing any hand applique ...... i seem to have gone over to the other side.

Don't tell anyone....but i just started hand piecing a quilt top.....yes, piecing.....the blocks and all. i almost have the first block done. now that might take a while.....we'll see.

It might be a long winter so i need lots of projects to keep me busy. hahahahaha

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