Sunday, December 1, 2013

November Git 'Er Done Challenge

November was a pretty busy month. still working outside a lot...but didn't finish all my chores i wanted to. i'm hoping for a few good days in December. and some time at the Duck and i now have walls. so, all in all, it's a surprise that i got my November challenge items completed.

1.  List 12 items on eBay....accomplished.  listed quilts, books, calendar towels and a few other things. sold 3 quilts so it wasn't all bad.

2.  Finish piecing Antebellum.....done.

3.  Finish piecing Glory Garden .... done

3.  Pressure can 4 quarts cushaw squash.  done...sorta...i'm counting it as done.

Although i didn't get to pressure can any cushaw.....i did process 3 cushaw squash and vacuumed sealed them and got them in the freezer...that took 2 days.  but, i did can 4 quarts of pears that the neighbor dropped off for me while i wasn't home to defend myself. LOL  and put a bunch of them in the dehydrator. and gave bags of them away. i'm gonna hafta put that lock on the front gate so the neighbors can't drop things off on my back porch. hahahaha

In thinking of December's list of things to do.....i'm thinking it better be a simple month. so, ...

1.  Piece more batting pieces into usable batts. batting is like rabbits in my studio. there are baskets of pieces. i can't throw them i will put them together to use.

2.  Quilt one more of my quilts. something pretty that i really like so i can do some custom quilting. gotta figure out which one. 

3.  Finish piecing another UFO...any one of the dozens that are still out there. perhaps something with selvages.

4.  Make 4 cushions for my dining chairs at the Duck. i have bought the cushions but want to cover them in burlap sacks that I have. i am going to the Duck on Tuesday, so will bring the burlap back to the house with me so i can put them together. should be easy....right?   hope so.

And that should bring me to the end of another successful year. it was a fun year. I Love Quilting. 

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