Friday, May 23, 2014

A little Duck work

I spent a few days at the Duck....but not much work got done.

Most of my time was spent alphabetizing my sister's huge library....over 4000 books now. we have done through H.  after the Ks, i will be half done.  such a job.

I did manage to finish the 3rd wall of barn wood in the dining room. and part of the 4th wall in the corner.

It's going to be a trick trimming those out. not all boards are exact same thickness. i'll be happy when this job is finished. when i go back i have to put up the luan on the last wall and paint it black. then put up the rest of the barn wood and paint it orange. then the trim...then finished.  i need to ramp up my game. hahahaha

It is so dark in that room, i was thinking of painting the trim a bright white. we'll see

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