Saturday, May 10, 2014

Starting the garden

The garden spot has been covered in cut grass and plowed and tilled and tilled again...numerous times. this year we expanded a bit to 80' x 100'.  might be a bit much....we'll see. but watermelons and cantalopes and gourds take up a lot of space.

Yesterday i set out at least 30 red potato plants. should have counted but didn't think about it till i was done. 

From the far the blue where i started. i planted Pontiac Red Potatoes. have never heard of them from Henry Fields. they were most of the plants. then i put in some regular red potatoes that came from the grocery store that were starting to sprout. i ended where the tan paper feed sacks end. i have Beuregard Sweet Potatoes coming from Henry Fields also and they will fill out that row. 

I am putting the feed sacks down to hopefully keep the grass and weeds down. as i mow the grass i dump the cuttings in the garden to mulch the plants.

Inside that green bucket is a blueberry bush. i am trying to protect it from the rabbits until i get my rabbit fencing down around the bottom of the fence. hopefully it will be ok in there and get enough sunshine. i'll check on it tomorrow. it came from Henry Fields, too. 

I also got brussel sprout seeds from Henry. i have to start those inside first.  i've never planted those but like to eat them so hopefully they will work out. i read on the package they are more a fall/winter crop but i will try some in the summer, too. and i'm planting spinach for the first time this year, too. let's get all Farmer Fanny. hahahahaha

I do have some bell pepper plants that are ready to go out....perhaps tomorrow. and some tomato plants getting close to ready. 

I hope to fill this whole garden area this year. hopefully my body will cooperate and let me do that. last year i shared with friends and neighbors when i got tired of picking and canning. this year i plan on selling the excess. might as well make a few dollars for all my work. my thoughts are 50 cents a pick what you want. 

I bought a scale that i am going to have out there to weigh the produce. 

Gardens are a lot of work....but also a lot of fun.  wish me luck

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