Thursday, May 15, 2014

HSTeria I

This is the first quilt top that is put together from Vicki Welsh's HSTeria challenge. for a person who doesn't like to sew HSTs.....i seem to have jumped into this with both feet.  

This top is 80 x 100"......that is a LOT of HSTs. that used up a lot of smaller pieces of fabrics in my stash. 

Once i found this pattern i knew it would work with my light green HSTs.  and i think it does.

Although i ran out of the light green that i started with, i just added a few more different greens..... but the 4 greens in the middle and at the corners are all the same.....and they match the border. and that fabric is all gone...just a couple little strips in the scrap box.

I don't know if you can tell...but the border and middle fabric design is a spool with thread and a needle. 

Isn't it funny that you normally would shy away from doing HSTs.....but issue a challenge....and i'm all over it. hahahahaha     pitiful.   

Thanks, Vicki, for forcing me out of my box.

I am working on those red and white ones now.....sewing more HSTs.   i found a block i want to use and am going to try one tonight and see if i like it. i don't think it will be quite as large as this one though.

How is your HSTeria challenge going?

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