Sunday, May 18, 2014

Garden planting

Last week....before all the rain for days.....i had planted red potatoes and bell peppers.

Today i planted 6 tomato plants, 2 bushel gourds, 2 watermelon, and a yard long pole bean plant....i have more beans....that is the only one that sprouted out of my seeds. got more seeds.  and a row of beets and a row of carrots.

There is still lots more to go. but it will have to wait for a few days until i get back home.

That bare line of dirt down the grass is beets and carrots. to the left of them is bell the right is tomatoes.

I started with potatoes on the left. i have learned to plant of row of stuff that doesn't spread beets and carrots.....then a row of peppers and tomatoes. so i can walk down the rows without getting tangled in things.i am spreading out a bit more this year.

I ran out of grass to mulch, so the gourds and watermelons only got a ring of grass around them.

We have plowed up a spot 80' x 100'. i hope to plant all of it this year. there is going to be a lot of veggies come summer....hopefully.  i will be selling produce....pick your own....50 cents a pound.

I mowed most of yesterday and about 2 hours today. i catch all the grass and put it on the garden. I didn't finish mowing the back of the when i get back in a few days i'll have to mow that part. that should fill up the space between the rings of grass and the rest of it.

But there is still a lot of bare ground to go. i have only planted about a third of it. and i am picking up rocks as i go....lots and lots of rocks. and...i still need to put up the bunny proof fence on the bottom. i better do that soon before they eat all my plants.

Now i just need some warm days.

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