Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Hobbit Hole Quilt

My sister's library has a hobbit hole....with books in there....and a bunny on a chair.  so, it needed a quilt.

This is what she got. she really liked it and it is now hanging in the Hobbit Hole on the wall. 

I used dark colored scraps for the books

Different widths and heights

She gave me titles and authors to embroider on the books

Brown for the shelves and outside border...the bookcase.

There is even a couple of leaning books....those are harder than they look. LOL

And, of course...there had to be a bunny on a shelve.....

Because there are bunnies on the shelves in the big library.

While at the Duck this last week, i started alphabetizing the books (4000 of them) in the library. that's another story. hahaha

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