Friday, May 16, 2014

Selvage Dots

The next time someone says.....hey, look at this quilt. i saw this and thought of you....i need to just turn my head.

And this wasn't even the one they were showing just happened to be on the same page when i printed it out. 

I'm a sucker for selvage quilts. this one uses only the dots. it's a 6" finished block....but, this one is 4 blocks together in a 4 patch...  i was noticing that a lot of the blocks have empty space on one end. i wondered if i put them together with the blank spaces toward the middle....would it make some kind of design...i was thinking "starish".  nope....didn't happen

Perhaps if i turned it on point....nope...didn't help.but's that's ok. i still like them. and that's how they will eventually all go way and then the other sewing these 4 together didn't hurt anything. 

Once i saw this you know what i did....i dug through all my boxes of selvages and cut off all the dots. then cut out some foundation pieces. these finish at 6". i have 18 of them made. now i am out of dots. 

So, my friends, i need more selvage dots. got any you want to send me? you don't want me to be deprived, do you?  you DO?.....shame on you.  i would send you selvage dots if you needed some. 

While i await the good fairy to send me more selvage dots....i will go and work on another selvage quilt idea. i am full of ideas.....and perhaps other stuff, too.   hahahahahaha



Helen said...

I like this. Some friends have sent me selvages. Some have quite a bit of fabric still attached - and I can turn those into blocks easily. Others are selvage and hopefully the stapling marks only - which is quite narrow. Are they still able to be used? some are actually quite cute and I keep thinking - change purse, handbag - things like that (now a vest would be cute!) If the narrow ones are useable - then I am assuming you use less than 1/4 inch stitching line (since they are selvages - no problem? or is there one?) Or do you fuse and tack them together? or stitch to foundation?

shirley said...

Helen....usually, you need about 1/2" width. i normally do a 1/4" seam. i normally sew my selvages on a foundation....scrap fabric. i sew each on top of the other....but try to cover about 1/4". you could try a smaller seam. or use a zigzag stitch. however you want to do it is the right way. LOL

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