Saturday, May 24, 2014

More veggies in the garden

I received my Beauregard Sweet Potatoes from Henry Fields the other day. so i planted 16 slips in the garden. i hope they do well. 

And also planted 12 more tomato plants. 

Everything was mulched with grass. 

Gardening is labor i was asleep by 10pm last night....pretty early for me.

But i am at 3 in the morning....wide awake.  arthritis pain keeps me from sleep for very long...have to get up and move around. so, i'll go and sew for a while. there will be a nap in my day, i believe.

About half of the garden area is now planted. but i'm still picking up rocks, too. Missouri is not known for fertile gardening soil.....but rocks are plentiful.

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