Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Window installation at the Duck

I got 7 more windows installed over the weekend. it was supposed to be a simple job....but, NONE of the 7 windows were accurate. some too wide....some too narrow....some too tall.  it was a nightmare. but, my guy figured it all out and in the end.....7 windows were installed and all the old aluminum storm windows pulled off. but i will never order from the Superior Windows place in Centralia again. I'll go back to the Home Center Store....where i never have a problem. 

This is the front dressing room/closet area that faces the street. the 2x4s that were originally between the windows had to be removed to get the new windows in. and then a lot of caulk was involved.

These are the other 2 in the same room....on another wall. they weren't too bad....but a lot of caulk involved here, too. i believe we used 10 or 12 tubes of caulk on 7 windows.

These are the 2 in the kitchen. they will be over the sink.....when i even get a sink. LOL  don't you love my little pots hanging there? i found them in a thrift store. i'm thinking i will plant little herbs in there. that is the south side so should be fine for growing. 

Yes, the walls still need to be finished. and ignore that ugly cabinet in the corner for the moment. it needs some stripping and sanding and painting.....some day.

I did get a ceiling fan installed in the dining room. i got tired of it being so dark in there. as you can see...the barn wood on the walls is not finished yet, either. sigh!!!

I have 2 large, old, heavy pocket doors that were in the garage. i thought they should be in the house before they got messed up....but they were too heavy for me to manage by myself. so, i had Rick and his helper carry them in. they are simply sitting in the pocket door holes....not hooked up yet. but they are now out of the way in the garage and a bit closer to becoming pretty pocket doors. 

And these 2 slabs of solid wood are doors that i scored at a yard sale for $5 each. i plan on making at least one of them....possibly both......desks in the office. so, i had the guys carry them in, too. better than laying around in the garage. 

So, a few things got done but there wasn't a lot of progress from me. i have to go and find more ceiling fans and buy more of the aluminum stuff that he wraps the windows with. i have 5 more windows to be wrapped on the outside. seems like this window project will never end. there are still a few more.

But, the weather is nicer now and i anticipate going down and working more. i don't think i made it down there at all in January and February...it was too dang cold....and i don't have heat there yet. it's on the list, too. 

Anyone have a few thousand dollars they don't need that they want to give me so i can get further along faster on this house?  thank you very much.


Bessie said...

I love to hear about your adventures at the Duck! You are very brave to take on such a big project. Has your sister finished her house? I used to follow her blog about remodeling her big house but I have lost that link somehow.

shirley said...

Bessie...she has discontinued her blog. this library is in her house. she is still working on the house.

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