Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Big Brothers, Little Brothers

Today was the day to piece together some of the embroidery blocks that i had made previously.

These are the Straw Hat Sams....i think of them as brothers to the Sunbonnet Sues. this is about 38x48".  i used several shades of green fabric that i had dyed some time ago. 

I think when i quilt this i will add things to the blocks. this could have a path going to the barn  and perhaps a fence from the sides of the barn.

This one needs more chicks

I could extend the fence here all the way across and perhaps put a sun.

Will add fish to the pole.

Think i'll put some water for the frog to jump into. 

He needs another kite in his other hand.

Maybe a ball to play with the dog. and a dog biscuit.

Don't know about this guy. what do you think?

Maybe a rabbit behind the stump, looking at him.

More water waves and a sun.

Got to put something in the wagon...perhaps a teddy bear.

Maybe a cat on top of the hay.

This one will be fun to think of things to add. who know when it might get quilted though.

1 comment:

Leanne Spencer said...

I think the guy with the sombrero needs a bottle of tequila! LOL

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