Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Kids Nativity Scene

To me, these blocks look like kindergarten kids putting on a Nativity show. there are some strange looks on some of these. haha  but, hey, i don't design them....i just embroider them.  these were done some time ago and i figured it was time to get them set up.

This is about 35x48"

This is cute....i like the star holding the spotlights.

That is one happy angel. to me, that is just what a kindergarten kid would do who is playing an angel in a play.

A couple of lambs. don't know why they designed those at an angle. i should have straightened them out.

Here is Mary...looks like she has a dishtowel on her head. haha

And this baby..what an expression. 

Joseph looks pretty happy

This is one goofy looking wise man. 

And the other 2 wise men....just as strange.

 And a shepherd

Is this a cow?

Mary's donkey

And a bull?  i don't remember that from the Nativity story. haha

See....kindergarten play.  just too adorable.

Which part would your child play?

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