Sunday, September 7, 2014

Laurie's Dresser Scarves quilt top

Laurie....if you don't want to see part of your quilt......stop right here and go do something else. hahahaha

This is a fun quilt. my friend, Laurie, sewed a bunch of dresser scarves to a piece of white fabric and told me to have fun. it is about 90" x 100"

So far, i have been from top to bottom once....sewing everything down and putting in a couple hundred pins.

Now, the fun starts. 

This dresser scarf has lovebirds on it. this is the only one i have completely finished so far. 

It's a bottom corner section.

Went around all the embroidery and then just played.

The purple line will be gone by tomorrow

I love that blue and white stripe edging.

I hope i have enough ideas in my head for the rest of them. hahaha

I did a bit on a couple other scarves, too. have to think a while on how to proceed.

It's gonna take a bit of time.....and a few bobbins....i'm on bobbin #4 so far. 

Laurie....thanks for giving me a fun project.

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