Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Time at the Duck

I had to go back out to the Duck to get windows installed on Monday. it was a special order and took a long time....weeks.   It's a big sucker. they are going to install it from the outside so they set it here till they get the space ready. the spot it goes in is left in the pic....not shown. 

The guy who measured either measured wrong...or the factory built wrong....the window is a couple inches too tall. and not returnable. but, my contractor is good and just took out more stuff to make it fit. so, it is in and caulked and i have put the first coat of paint on the trim around the outside. will paint it again when i go down next month.

This was the last of the official 'house' windows. actually this is an enclosed front porch but is officially house.  the only windows i have left are 6 on the enclosed back porch. 30 something windows is a lot of damn windows.

The next thing set up for next month is to have the mud put on the drywall ceilings.....9 rooms. the guy says a couple days work. 3 rooms have different type ceilings... so he was spared some work...and me some money. but doing things on the ceilings are not my favorite thing so i am happy to pay to have that done.

Just think...then i can paint ceilings. woopee!

Of course, you know i couldn't go down without doing some work myself.  i got more dining room trim up.

On the window. it is so hard to get a good pic with that sun coming in. because of the thickness of the barn wood on the walls, the trim has about an inch gap. i am thinking of covering that gap with some luan and then painting it white. i think that will work. probably glue it in there.

Got the trim around the inside of the back door, too. just need to install my stained glass window up at the top. maybe i can get that done in next month's trip. you can see the corner trim here, too.

I put the same corner trim pieces at the top that i put at the bottom. i love this. then i can cut top boards straight and don't have to miter anything at 45 degrees. which probably wouldn't work on this old house anyway. top trim pieces will be 7" wide....also barn wood...painted white.

I got the corner pieces cut, painted and installed. i used trim that was meant for the outside corners....just used the back side for the inside corners. because of differences in thicknesses of the barn doesn't all sit tight against the wall....but i'm ok with that. 

I also had more goodies to hang on the walls that i found in a few days scrounging in antique and thrift stores. 

Cranberry sauce...the sign just to the left of this is the same type...metal with glitter around. .. it is pumpkin pie filling. i am hoping i can find 1 more and have a trio.  with the cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie filling ....that is kind of i am hoping there is an apple pie or something out there.

Fruit stand sign.  this sign kicked my butt hanging. there were 2 holes in the back to align screws to hang it on. sheesh.....i took a screw out about 3 times before i got that sucker up there in the right spot. i almost just put the screws through the sign. hahaha


Homegrown...loves this little rooster

Lemons...this was a paper sign that i mod podged to a board.


I found a metal moon. i hoped to get it on the other side of the window with the sun and the rooster but it wouldn't fit. but i guess this is better anyway.

Got a sunflower. i'm thinking i might need to make a stem and some leaves for that. gonna come up with something good.

I dug this old pump out of the corner of the garage. i almost forgot i had that. i found it at Canton Sale Days in Canton, Texas, many moons ago and have been dragging it around with me ever since. it must be at least 20 years old. i was always afraid to put it in the yard....afraid someone would steal it. so it has a good home in this corner. the dealer in Canton wanted $100 for it....i offered him $60 but he refused. Canton Sale days are 3 days of 100s of vendors on acres of fields. i went back every couple of hours and offered my $60 but he still refused. finally, at the end of the day, i went back again and told him he was just going to have to haul that heavy thing back home and i had cash. and he probably wouldn't sell it the next month either. i broke him down. hahaha

I also had time for some more blue door painting. the inside front porch door's final coat.

I still have blue the door opposite that last the entry it's first coat of blue. it will need probably 2 more coats. that is my 4th blue door....i will be known as the house of the blue doors. hahahahaha

Oh, i almost forgot.....i found pullies....or is that pulleys.   i think the latter.

An antique store find.....heavy suckers.  i played with placement and came up with this. and bought the rope at a yard sale to put through them. this is the last large place on the other stuff will have to be limited in size. 

A close up....i still need to find one more drawer knob for the inside of 1 pulley

And i have this cool old wooden pulley with a large hook. i am looking for something to hang there. i have seen some 'flattened' buckets with flowers in them.....hhmmm....maybe.  i'll think of something...i'll know it when i see it.

And, thus concludes my couple days work at the Duck.  the dining room is almost finished. once i get that mud done on the drywall i can start another room.....i think the office.

But i still have shelves to put up in the laundry room. they could keep me busy for a couple hours. 

Stay tuned for more craziness next month.

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Eileen said...

Next time you have to hang something, make a copy of the back then put the photocopy on the wall to mark placement of the hangers. Easy, and no extra holes in the wall!

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