Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Salty or Sweet; Hard or Chewy

Those are the choices in my jar quilt.....lots of goodies.  It was fun finding the fabrics and fun embroidering the jars. now i want candy....or chips   haha

Pretzels and peanuts

Red hots and gummy bears

Popcorn and candy canes

Red licorice sticks and marshmallows....2 of my favorites

Peppermints and gumdrops

Pixie sticks and potato chips

Gingerbread cookies and M&Ms

Licorice bites and candy corn...i would probably empty these 2 jars first. haha

Jelly beans and Necco wafers

I played with the embroidery machine and made some jars wider and narrower or taller or shorter.  the designs actually came from the set with the bugs in jars. i adapted them to candy jars. i had to watch the machine and stop it from sewing the 'holes' in the tops of the jars. but, as you can see, i missed that part on the candy cane jar. the jars actually have a thick plastic on them. i don't believe this would survive the washer or dryer.

I have also done some jars with fruit and veggies in them for canning. got to find those.  and i have a thought of doing jars with junk drawer stuff.....screws, bolts, pins, pennies, etc. 

The ideas are endless....use your imagination and make yourself some jars. 

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