Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Improvements at the Duck

I got a couple of days in at the Duck and this is what happened.

I hung a few more things in the dining room....a dinner bell....farm style

The Duck officially has a mascot. this Duck was sitting in a window at the studio and i decided he needed to be at the Duck. there even was a little chair waiting for him.

The rooster was at the studio also.....and i found the sun...some place.

I believe this was an auction find. i spray painted it black. it had 4 holes so was easy to install. put nuts behind the screws (didn't have washers) so the screws wouldn't go through the holes. it is 26" wide...and HEAVY.

Another auction find. i love auctions. this is above a doorway...my sis says she is running through that doorway. hahaha  it is held up very sturdily by 3 screws and is not coming down.

I got doorway trim put up on this door...with the pocket doors.

And i got the doorway trim put up on this door, too. it goes to the office.

I still have blue paint....so i am painting more doors. this one comes into the house from the front enclosed porch. it needs one more coat of paint.

And, my favorite thing i did while down there......was my artist touch on the front door.

I had jim cut many pieces of 4x4s and i painted them....4 different colors.

This is as far as i got on Sunday. i used Liquid Nails to adhere them to the board around the door. the only problem was getting the first row or 2 to harden up. then adding the rest went quicker. as you can see on the right side....i put a heavy concrete block against the bottom to hold them against the wall till they dried a bit.

I thought i was going to have to cut some of them down but discovered i could turn them various ways and manage to get 3 across. 

Some of the blocks have square corners and some rounded. i love how it is 3D. this might be my best idea yet. and some of them have cracks and splits, too.

On this side i used a product like glue but that would dry clear. and it set up quicker than liquid nails. can't remember the name, though. it goes in the caulk gun also.

This is as far as i got before i ran out of glue. i will need at least 2 more tubes of glue to finish it all.

God, i love this. hahha  that is how much i got done by end of day Monday. i hope to finish it this weekend when i go down again. wonder what the neighbors think?

And....i have to clean bird poop off my door. how does a bird poop on a vertical surface? i find that very strange.  next thing out here in front i think is to have a small porch built. 

This was about my 3rd design idea for the outside of this door. i was going to cut cedar pieces and put them up...lapping them like roofing shingles. then i was just going to paint it in different colors in some design. but i like this idea best.

This weekend should find this project finished....maybe. i have to cut more boards and paint them. 

And i will get the 3 windows installed on Monday that go right inside this door on the right. then all the house windows are finished....woohoo!!


Jim Bruner said...

Lookin GOOD Baby

Bessie said...

Only you would think to do this around your front door! I love it!! Yours will be the house everyone admires when they drive or walk by. I'm sure the neighborhood loves you already for beautifying the Duck

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