Wednesday, September 3, 2014

They just won't quit

Tonight i picked 141 pounds of tomatoes from the garden.  

Actually, i had help. our neighbor, Ben, came by.  he helped me pick and carried the buckets to my truck for me. he is a good worker. i sent him home with 2 bags of tomatoes, a cantaloupe and 4 sweet potatoes.

I picked 2 for Ben and one for us. it was wonderful. soft and sweet and yummy. 

Tomorrow i will be putting banana peppers in the dehydrator and figuring out what to do with these tomatoes. i sent 2 buckets to another neighbor....but i still have 3 buckets to deal with. by this time of the year i am really tired of tomatoes. and there are still so many more out there on the plants.

When i was cleaning up yesterday i also found 4 more watermelon hiding under the gourd leaves. so we have 7 watermelon now. and about 13 dozen cantaloupe....hahaha.....and they were volunteers...from the compost.

Don't you just love gardening?

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Helen said...

Love those tomatoes! I'm in MA - and it has been soooo cold for almost all summer that the tomatoes just have NOT done much of anything! Same for almost all the rest of the garden! (Exceptions - mustard greens - which went to seed almost immediately after they came up!!!! and cabbage-type plants - including broccoli, brussel sprouts, etc. I have a hunch I will be eating a LOT of cabbage and broccoli this winter!!!! No tomatoes, but lots of broccoli!)

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