Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Black and White Selvage top

Got another selvage quilt top finished. i had some of these white blocks made already.....they were originally destined for a rug...but decided a white rug wasn't really very practical. so, i just made many more blocks and it became a quilt top. 9 1/2 inch blocks....set 7x8.....2 inch sashing. not going to have borders.  it's about 80x90"

I used foundations for the blocks and the sashings. some blocks are just straight selvages....and some diagonal.

I had  a piece of fabric with black and white pictures on it that i cut up for the sashing cornerstones.

And some blocks are whatever i could think of. there are 2 crumb blocks in this top. it gets boring doing the same thing over and over. 

I made blocks every way i could think of. this one has pieces down each side and a wider selvage in the middle.

This one got a lot of fuzzy edges. 

Once i got a lot of smaller pieces, i pieced them together into 1 long strip and just sewed them on....one after another....this time diagonally.

Kind of like pinwheels.

How about if i just use the same piece for the whole block?

Sample of sashing cornerstones.

I'm liking this one a lot....i say that almost every time, don't i?  hahaha    i thought i would use a lot of black and white selvages but ...sad to say....doesn't even look like i made an appreciable dent in the drawers.

AND....i came back from the Duck to find another box of selvages that my friend Leanne sent to me......so, it might have all came out even. 

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