Thursday, March 5, 2015


This is the quilt for the day....a red, white and blue string block quilt...made on foundation squares. it's about 48 x 56".  the quilting is wavy lines going diagonally through the blocks...went very quickly....sort of.


I can't seem to learn my quilting lessons. i broke a needle as soon as i made a pass over a seam where 4 blocks came together. so, change the needle....then move the quilting path so it doesn't cross thick seams.  and actually all of it is thick. along with the string seams....and the foundation muslin....i used a stadium blanket that i got at a thrift store for the batting. so, the quilt is quite heavy.


The back is actually a darker blue....about navy. my camera didn't show it properly. 


Threads used are a red Glide for the top and a aqua So Fine for the bobbin.


I had the perfect and white stripe....but it was an upholstery fabric. but, you know......about learning those lessons?, i cut it a bit wider to make up for the it all sewed down....flipped it over to sew it down on the front. nope...not gonna happen....too thick.

So, i ripped that all off.....went and found a cotton fabric for binding and started over. so, a quick little quilt that should have been done...start to about 3 hours or less....took me about 5 or 6 hours.  Any bets on whether those lessons stick with me?

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Vicki W said...

If yo are like me, not likely! Nice quilt.Would be perfect for a veteran.

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