Thursday, March 12, 2015

Graffiti garage at the Duck

I spent a couple days with my sister....we did thrift stores and i scored big for the graffiti garage project.  i have 10 large boxes full of stuff now.  might be time to get started.

I spent a couple days at the Duck, too. taking pics and measuring my garage area that i want to graffiti.  it is going to be a huge job....just the getting ready part.

This is the right side that i want to do.  that large metal clothesline post will come out...actually there are 2 of those that have to go.  i will take the metal grates off the windows.....take the trim off from around the windows....and cover those windows with plywood. it's not worth taking them out.  plus i will take off that old fashioned pressed wood siding. there is plywood under it....i pulled off a corner to look.  i will paint the plywood and then draw out my design....then paint the design....then i finally get to the good stuff....gluing.  haha

right side 2.jpg

This is the left side. i believe i will continue onto this side, also. that door will come out and become a wall. the inside of that door is all closed up...the former owner nailed it shut...put a metal bar over it....and who knows what else. haha   that vinyl siding will come off. there is plywood under there, also. i'm thinking i'll just leave the window alone. it actually opens from the inside...folds down. so, if i just glue stuff over it....the window can still open. it might be the 'sun' in that design.

left side.jpg

There is a sidewalk going along the right side that might have to come least a corner of it to get posts in. i plan on constructing a 12x18' deck in that corner...with a roof....and plant clematis and such around the corners. the design is in my head. haha

The graffiti design is not decided upon yet. i can't decide if i want a quilt design...if so, which one. or do i just go all artsy with a flowing design. or something else.  

What do you think?  i'm open to suggestions.

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