Thursday, March 5, 2015

Red and black log cabin...UFO #25

I bought the AccuCut die for log cabin blocks back in November, 2012. so, i had to cut out some strips to try it out. you know how this goes...right?  i pieced one block and stuck the rest in a box and it rested until January 28, 2015...when i pulled it out and did a few blocks....then stuck it back in the box. 

On February 18, 2015 i pulled it out once again...and finished piecing the blocks March 5, 2015. it is 60x78"

So, now i have a flimsy. .... but one that is pieced wrong!!   why can i not see it until it is in picture form. haha  there must be something wrong with my brain. know i am not going to re-do that. the top will just not have to match the bottom.  but, who knows...perhaps by the time it gets quilted i will want to fix it. i did put a note on it to turn those 4 blocks on the top right....we'll see.


I know how it got pieced wrong...i had 18 blocks. i had a different setting originally....that was not on point. but it only used 16 blocks. and i didn't want to have 2 blocks left over. so i went to EQ and played with them and discovered if i put them on point i could use all 18 blocks. and i played with many different settings. my first choice was a different setting but then i decided i liked this one better. but i marked my cheat sheet wrong i guess. 


So, i will just be known as the Queen of mis-pieced tops. hahaha

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