Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Judy's Scrappy Challenge...another snow/ice day creation

I don't know....if these snow/ice days keep up.....i might run out of UFOs.  haha    (and, no....i don't want you to send yours to me)

This was a monthly challenge that started in January 2014 by Judy Laquidara of    each month she gave us a block pattern and we were to make as many blocks as we would like....and make something with those blocks...and link up to her blog at the end of the month.

I played for 5 months....made 10 blocks each month...but one month made 16. i always intended to make them all into one quilt. so, then...naturally...all those blocks went into a box and became UFO #23.   which got pieced on March 3, 2015.   


I didn't have a final plan when i was making the blocks....but am glad i made the number that i did....made the setting easy.


I did try for a simple palette in each block and didn't go willy-nilly as i usually do.


The blocks are 9";  top is 63x72


I don't believe it will have a border. i have come to like scrappy quilts without borders.


And i love when i open a UFO box and the blocks are all made....i just have to set them together.


I should finish up another UFO tonight...this time a log cabin. only about 5 more rounds to go.

We got sleet this morning and now it is snowing. i do believe winter will go away about April or May and the garden will get planted about June....when everything dries out. sigh!!

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