Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sweet Baby Girl Quilt

This is a customer quilt. she always makes sweet adorable quilts. .. and this is no exception.


I tried to take pics from the side so maybe the quilting will show. I wanted something different in the last border that i hadn't done for her before. 


This is 41" square. feathered hearts in the snowball blocks. although the two smaller borders were different sizes, i just treated them as one and feathered them.

close 2.jpg

close 3.jpg

Back is a of those thinner, softer flannels


I saw the 'lines' going across so i quilted 3 lines going across each way. 

back close.jpg

Thread used was Glide cotton candy (pink) on the top; Bottom Line Cream on the bottom.

Got it all done today.

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