Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dancing Nines ... pattern by Bonnie Hunter

Also known as UFO #33....yeah!....another UFO now becomes a TBQ.

Bonnie made hers considerably smaller than i made mine. hers had 16 blocks in it....i made 48.  but it turned into a strange size....78 x 102....probably needed another column. but, after 1,728  two inch squares....192 nine patches....enough is enough. haha

Here is her pattern. you'll notice i didn't put that last border on there. 


It needs some ironing....maybe later. haha


I only had about half of the 9 patches finished when this became a UFO. took me 4 days to finish it up. I started piecing 9 patches on October 3, 2014. at least it didn't take a year to finish it up.


You made 9 patches and put a border on 2 sides. then rotated them and made a block like this. 


It turned out rather cute i think. probably get some kind of curvy some point.

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