Friday, March 13, 2015

Blue and Brown Scrappy Crossroads

Well, this one got moved up into the quilting line quickly....but not on purpose.

Sigh!!   i had a cool top all loaded that was fusible applique.  well....i used the thick fusible stuff that says not to sew through it. i can never learn a lesson. but, after a broken needle and broken thread 3 times....i finally learned. you can NOT sew through that stuff.  so, i ripped it all off, folded it nicely and put it in the thrift store box. let someone else deal with it. i fused it a couple years ago...i hope there aren't more of those in the TBQ cabinet. .... and, if there are, i hope i can remember to just move them into the thrift store box before trying to quilt them. 

I already had backing and batting on the i went looking for another top that fit those dimensions. this one was the first one i came was close to the top of the pile. haha   so, it got quilted today.


And, yes, it hasn't been that long since you've seen it....i finished piecing it on February 28, 2015.


Finished size is 56x68".  i used a stadium blanket for the it has some weight.

close 2.jpg

I needed 258" for the binding...i had 217" of blue....and enough brown to make it work. so, i cut the brown in half and added it to the blue.


The back is an off white Kona cotton...quilting is Suzanne's Meandering Magic in large, fat, chunky feathers.


Half the time i literally could not see where i was going....thread matched too you can see here....i wasn't coming back to that middle line very well. 

back close.jpg

Threads used were a light blue Glide for the top and an aqua So Fine for the bottom.  i used the last of the bobbin thread except for just a bit left on the bobbin. but i had a back-up spool that kind of matched in case i ran out. 


This was UFO it is really not a UFO any more. to have some pizza for lunch.  a customer baby quilt is up tomorrow. i might be able to finish it all in a is pretty small.  i have a quilting plan....that's half the battle.

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